WTF? Why the Face
Facial Analysis Master Class
Instructor: Dr. Todd Frisch

Module 1: History of Facial Analysis
Facial Analysis Identifiers
TCM & Facial Analysis
TCM – 7 Steps to Making Diagnosis
Happiness & Ones Face

Module 2: What’s Wrong vs What’s Not Right
Healing Philosophy to Recommending Treatment

Module 3 & 4: Foundational & Indepth TCM
Eastern vs Western Medicine
Owning Five Element
TCM Emotions
Think & Link Case Studies
Triangle of Imbalance Case Studies

Module 5: Indepth Understanding of the 9 Face Shapes
Determining Combination Faces
Let’s Analyze SHAPES

Module 6: Facial Features
Physiology – Psychology

Module 7: Putting it All Together
Introducing Facial Analysis App
How to Utilize – Providing PDF Reports

Module 8: Faces, Faces & More Faces
Detailing 8 Complete Facial Analysis

10 Individual Clinical Live Demonstrations Including Suggested Recommendations for Healing