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Discover more about yourself, so you can live a healthier, more authentic life. Your face shape teaches you about your communication style, personality characteristics and symptom tendencies. Your facial features teach you about your health strengths and weaknesses, genetic tendencies and goes even deeper into your unique personality.

With your Complete Analysis, you will receive a 7-10 page color pdf report explaining the characteristics of your beautiful face shape, explain more about the difference between the two sides of your face, share information about your ears and gives you great detail about the 21 different features on your face that were knit together before you were born. You will learn the physiological organ represented for each feature as well as what each feature represents psychologically.

This complete analysis will shed light on many aspects of your life. It gives you the direction you’ve been looking for to understand yourself better and work toward improving your relationships and health weaknesses.

Photo requirements:

  • No selfies as facial distortion is common.
  • Remove all face and ear jewelry.
  • Neutral expression will render the most accurate read.
  • Close-up, looking straight at camera Minimal to no makeup.
  • Avoid digital manipulation, such as filters.
  • Three photos:
    • Frontal – non-smiling;
    • Right side profile – hair pulled back from ear, full ear exposed;
    • Left side profile – hair pulled back from ear, full ear exposed;
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