Your face is the most obvious microsystem reflecting a map of your entire being both psychological and physiological.

Every blemish, crease, line, indentation, discoloration, patch of dryness or oiliness can mean something.

That thing about your face that you don’t love so much? Well, start loving it, because it’s a part of who you are!


Most have heard of foot reflexology, but did you know there are many other microsystems that map out the body. There is foot and hand reflexology, iridology (iris) and auriculotherapy (ear) most commonly known.

Not only does Dr. Todd live and breathe facial analysis, he’s on a mission to teach his life’s work to everyone he possibly can in his twilight years.
This work is simply too valuable, and it is Dr. Todd’s greatest hope and dream that it lives on into the future.

Want to know how to read faces? Check out the book!

WTF? Why the Face: A Practical Guide to Understanding Health & Personality Through Facial Diagnosis

Learn how to decipher face shapes, features and markings on the face to more effectively understand, analyze, support and communicate with patients/clients.

Not a healthcare professional? That’s okay! This book is for you, too. Teachers use this valuable technique to understand their students better. Bosses and HR Department heads rely on facial analysis in order to hire compatible employees. Sports coaches lean on facial analysis to help them get into the mind of the athlete. Salesmen/women love learning this ancient technique so they know how to communicate with their customer to close deals quicker. The possibilities are endless!

Use facial analysis to understand yourself better and build stronger connections with friends, family members, coworkers and others.

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About the Authors

Dr. Todd Frisch

What an interesting evolution over the past four plus decades for Dr. Todd. As a young doctor, it started as a desire to help his patients heal and became a quest to find the missing puzzle piece for many who were roaming from one healthcare professional to another, only to wind up more frustrated than when they started.

Early on in Dr. Todd’s career, he was introduced to facial analysis while studying acupuncture and it became his passion!

Facial analysis dates back 3000 years and the first recorded book was written in 481 B.C. The most famous, The Yellow Emperor’s Guide to Internal Medicine was published in 260 B.C. Since then, there have been many books written (Dr. Todd owns 82 personally) about facial analysis. The majority focus on personality traits and while this is valuable information, he was more interested in finding clues to physiological health. He spent the next four decades documenting every face shape and size, as well as, placement of each feature. He made note of every marking, line, wrinkle, blemish, discoloration or puffiness. He began to find correlative patterns that lined up with symptoms his patients were suffering from. (Example: dark discoloration at the inner canthus – area between bridge of nose and corner of eye – correlated with blood sugar instability).

What started as, “do you have?” when interviewing a patient evolved into him stating “you have”. Patient after patient would respond, how do you know that about me? He documented and documented, then documented some more until his entire life’s work became that of fine-tuning facial analysis and using it as an integral part of his assessment.

Sharing his decades of research started with many healthcare professionals encouraging him to write a text book. Dr. Todd’s daughter, Abbie, helped extract years of clinical experience and knowledge from Dr. Todd, while contributing her own exceptional knowledge, to publish WTF: Why the Face? in 2019.

Readers began contacting him wanting to dig even deeper and encouraged him to create a full course and curriculum that was launched in early 2023. Along with the Master Class came Why the Face Software/App. This software allows patients/clients/customers/students/employees/team members, etc. to upload their photos and a full facial assessment is completed by the facial analysis clinician. They, in turn, provide a full color pdf report detailing face shape, 21 additional facial features, as well as information pertaining to their personality and health.

As a seasoned chiropractor, Dr. Todd specialized in nutrition, homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine and facial analysis. After decades in private practice, Dr. Todd now devotes his time to teaching and mentoring healthcare and business professionals, as well as anyone interested in learning facial analysis. He teaches how facial analysis can be a powerful tool for businesses, sports teams, film and television casting, mental health professionals, schools and more.

He is the founder and president of SHAPE ReClaimed, a national health restoration program: SHAPE

Abbie Frisch Belliston

Abbie shares her co-author/father’s love of facial diagnosis and what it can do for physicians, energy healers, families, teachers, therapists, managers, salespeople and everyone else with a face. Facial analysis helps you feel more empowered and accepting of yourself and more understanding and loving of those around you. She is working towards her PhD in Natural Medicine.

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